What kind of Talents should a Model Apprentice have?

Motivation and mental strenght

The world of modelling can be competitive because there are a lot of girls who want to be models.

That’s why you have to have great motivation to persevere if you want to succeed.

Among the talents we’ll talk about in this article, these traits are probably the most important.

You’ll need to know how to step back, know the difference between yourself and your image as a model, and not take things personally when it comes to your job as a model.

Modeling is a passion job.

It requires maturity, strength of character, intelligence and professionalism.

But as long as you are having fun doing it, it can help you overcome many difficulties.


Personality is really important.

It can make the difference if you are an interesting person – if you have passion, things to say, living your life at 200 percent!

You can sometimes even be selected for your personality too – it’s a complete package!

A unique personality can reflect unique things in pictures.

It can really make you stand out at a casting or when you meet people who may be important to your modelling career.

Just be yourself!

Learn how to present yourself

Clothes: When meeting with an agency or a client, pay attention to what you’re wearing.

In most cases, be sure to wear clothes that don’t hide your body shape because when you meet an agency, obviously that is one of the first things they will need to know.

Simple, flattering staple items are good: a white T-shirt and black high-waisted jeans are great.

You can go for other outfits, but just be aware of this point.

You can always ask your agency for advice if you need any help!

Make up: The more natural looking the better.

If you don’t need make up at all that’s perfect!

But if you need to put some make up on your face, be sure to keep it as natural as possible, just highlighting your best features.

Take care of your body

Diet: Following a healthy lifestyle helps to keep your body and health in great shape.

You won’t be asked to go on crazy diets when you are a model – it’s all about paying attention to simple things when it comes to food.

Sports: Doing some sport – but not all kind of sports – is good for models.

As a matter of fact, you don’t want to get too muscular.

It’s more about lengthening your silhouette, and keeping your body toned.

Sports like running, pilates, yoga and some targeted exercises to develop your body are great for modelling.

Your agency will guide you on this subject too.

Some agencies might also have coaches or arrange some fitness sessions to show you what’s best, according to your goals.

Skincare: It’s really important as a model to take care of your skin, in order for it to look its best when you are on a shoot.

Nothing complicated: cleansing, toning, moisturising, using masks which help improve your skin’s condition, and making sure you remove all your makeup before going to bed… just practical, sensible habits that keep your skin glowing!

As you can see, it is not complicated: just following simple routines.

But it requires motivation and discipline to be at your best, and achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Be professional

It is a pity that some models don’t take their career seriously – they show up late or pass on castings that can lead to real jobs, but these girls usually soon find out that they can, and will, be replaced by someone else who is willing to be there on time, to be respectful of her agency’s and the client’s schedules and instructions, and be a professional at what she does.

Remember, when you book a job, you are representing both yourself and your agency.

Know your job

It’s a real talent to be a model.

You have to know how to sell, how to put your ego aside and to remember that it’s not about you – you may have an amazing look and a unique personality, but remember you are being hired to sell the client’s product.

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