The Importance of Taking Some Time Off

Sometimes I need to remind myself of myself and tune inwards, or rather I need to remember that the life I lead is actually pretty extreme.

The constitution of our bodies hasn’t changed much since we used to live in caves and had a routine (scientifically proven fact I swear ;)).

My life has zero routine. I do love the constant change and excitement, but at the end of the day, I do get pretty damn exhausted.

Different locations and time zones, non stop traveling, sleeping in a different bed every other night, extreme work schedules, constantly meeting and working with new people… all physical and emotional stress factors.

So how do you stay balanced? How to deal with all the stress? How to enjoy the amazingness of this job?

I must admit I’ve had a hard time enjoying my life recently.

I’ve just tried to sleep, everywhere, anywhere, all the time. I’ve wanted to barricade myself from the world.

I started googling sleeping disease, sleep apnea, stuff like that…does that make me a hypochondriac? Maybe. Is it understandable? I hope so.

So I decided it was time to take some TIME OFF, and disappear for a while.

Time to recharge the batteries, pause the relentless need for high energy and performance, and take a chill pill.

Time to break away, get away and turn off the phone or something (and stop posting on lnstagram :p).

Maybe just as an experiment and a self-imposed challenge.

How many hours can I actually be without the outside world… And do I feel more relaxed after?

So my laptop is off now and me too. I am outside taking a long walk in pleasant green fields.

Oh sweet sweet summertime.

I’ll also just post one photo on Insta – promise haha.


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