The Future – Hanging Out In Virtual Reality


This weekend I went to the premiere of KAWS: A VR EXPERIENCE presented by Visionaire.

Visionaire has a great reputation for being at the forefront of contemporary culture.

They have an exceptional list of contributing artists from all across the field, from photographers and filmmakers to industry icons…Check out for more.

KAWS, the New York-based artist known for his characteristic cartoons – such as toys with X’s for eyes – has created a new short movie.

A real 360-degree VR experience.

So you wear these Oculus Rifts, and they transport you into a world where you are a futuristic extraterrestrial being.

You are in a world of giants bigger than yourself, and they’re everywhere!

You can spin around, or try to escape to the left and right, but you’re in it.

The experience is only 5 minutes long, but such great fun!

Go to the New York Public Library on 5th Avenue and see for yourself.

It is open to the public for another week.

Conclusion:VR is an amazing tool and a very exciting development which is going to bring us a new and unprecedented way of experiencing media.

Soon you can scan yourself into virtual reality. In fact you already can – 30 scanners make it possible, and you can hang out with your friends and family in another dimension while you’re on the go.

I love this idea, even though nothing compares to a real world beer with my bestie – which I’m going to do now.


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