Model Talks Part 1 : Getting Ready For Fashion Week…?

So yesterday I suddenly found myself involved in this conversation with some girls about the shows coming up in Paris next week.

Haute couture, to be more precise. And admittedly it was such model talk. :p

I suppose we all slip into it once in a while, into a cliché of a certain kind. So the conversation revolved around getting back into shape, FAST!

How to get ready for Fashion Week when you kind of pigged out in the past two months because your boyfriend loves feeding you pizza after midnight when you have the munchies!

To be honest, a lot of us girls obsess WAY too much about our bodies, and the perfect measurements.

We would probably still fit into designer sizes with another pound or so on our hips, but then models are some of the most insecure girls I have ever met.

Sounds crazy but it‘s true.

Having endless legs and a flawless complexion doesn’t always guarantee a great self-image.

The way you see yourself, your body image, these things all start in your head.

Women tend to compare themselves constantly, it’s in our DNA, but I personally don’t think it’s healthy or beneficial in any way.

Maybe to develop a healthy sense of competition or get inspired to grow as a person, but apart from that, NO.

We’re all so different!

Our characters, bodies, souls, missions in life, where we come from, our roots and history.

It’s easy to look around and feel insignificant, and jealous about what others do or have.

But then remember the grass is always greener on the other side and you don’t even know what the other person has gone through to get to the point they’re at now.

You don‘t know about what they’re dealing with, and what their daily struggles look like.

The news, advertising, Instagram…they’re all wonderful tools, but they can also portray a deceptive image of an oh-so-perfect life and body.

Don’t fall for it, it’s not real.

So back to the conversation about getting ready for Fashion Week.

We exchanged our opinions and agreed that oh well, maybe we should go work out together, but most importantly that we ought to stop being too hard on ourselves.

Because without question, you need to be ambitious, strong, and ready to fight in this industry; the competition is huge.

It’s good to push yourself, and always be ready to get challenged but it’s important to see the bigger picture.

To succeed in anything in life you need to be true to yourself and treat yourself kindly in the process.

Starvation and other extreme measures will only hurt your very core.

If you’re happy and healthy, you shine and radiate a certain something, which automatically draws people to you anyway, and gets you to where you ultimately want to be.

So eat healthy. Do a sport you love. Smile. Nourish yourself!

Oh – and the bad news last – quit the drinking already :p (alcohol makes you puffy, dehydrates you, ages your skin, and has tons of sugar!!)

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