Model Life: Never-Ending summer – Never-Ending Holidays


Ok I confess, my life in the past couple of months mostly consisted of holiday locations with short periods of work in between.

Nomad style all the way. Road tripping, traveling, enjoying summer <3 So is “the model life“ always like that?

What is true about the claim that models live a life of never-ending vacation?

“Acquaintances” (you know the rather jealous type lol) and people in general have asked me about this topic a lot, while usually looking me up and down in a rather patronizing manner.

Thereby silently informing me that they do not consider this labor, this whole lavish lifestyle of luxurious travels to god knows where. Oh prejudices…

But so do they have a point there, yes or no?

First of all social media does a great job in warping the truth as so often.

It is tempting to believe all kinds of fairytales, especially the ones involving some of the most jaw-dropping locations on planet Earth.

This amazing trip to shoot in the Sahara in Botswana with lions – Adventure!

Or do a commercial on a yacht in Cannes – GlamllAnd yes you do get these jobs – once in a blue moon… :p

The reality is a lot more grey, as most of the time you will spend your days, in a big city like New York or Paris or Tokyo. And its not all that glamorous and pretty exhausting.

Unless you’re a city rat.

Then great, congratulations you found your dream job.

But what if you love the beach, mountains, or just nature in general?

Option number one: You could get into swimsuit modeling, and the Bahamas will become your everyday environnement.

lntermixed against the backdrop of the endless gym schlepping you will do. To keep that booty tight you know!

Let’s look at option number two: Choose a place to live, which could be anywhere, a small town in Hungary or countryside life in Colorado and travel from there.

In this case the most crucial thing is the easy access to an airport, so you can easily be on standby, and go work and fly anywhere.

It is pretty much up to you.“You create your own universe, as you go along.” Already Churchill proclaimed. So I go with option number two – Yay!!

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