Introduction of New Mini Series: Model Talks

 Everyday model talks

Ever wondered what models ACTUALLY talk about or does It sound too flat out boring to even think of?

The sweeping assumption goes that a lot of the girls/boys are rather shallow, self-centered and pretty arrogant.

But then on the other hand. this “empty shell“ flies around the world, gets to meet superstars and go to galas and events.

Dream locations and sleeping at the Ritz, wlth a bottle of Champagne as a welcome gift, is the usual. All just cllché? Slmply over-dramatized? What‘s true here, what fabricated?

So maybe talks revolve around…

Their job, the next castlng. fashion and fashion week?

Who snagged the latest campalgn for this and that designer or no wait, much more Interesthg that hot party that happened last week and who got the most wasted on champagne?

Weird airplane stories, getting back in shape, maybe even fodd, what a surprise…?

Staying healthy vs.becoming skinny or can you be both?

About boyfriends and girlfriends?

The life after modeling and how to change the world?

About loneliness and traveling, agencies who rip them off, how much they love their agents, where to buy the best skinny black jeans, which bag to wear to castings?

Are they discussing whether you should dress to impress vs. be yourself and rock your favorite washed-out oversized tee with short shorts…?

There probably be a bit of truth in all of the clichés, as well as a lot of erroneous rash assumptions.

Well you’ll find out soon…Uncensored truth will come your way starting today…


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