Training like a Model

Gather informations, do things wiseley

Models have particular and adapted trainings, it’s not about rushing in any sport to have the body you want.

Of course you don’t need to have a personal trainer but educate yourself about what may work best for you and don’t forget to pair your training routine with a good alimentation.

We often say that 80% of your results is about what you eat and 20% about training!

If it’s not already done you should take a look at how article What do models eat? to learn more about this topic.

Favorite sports for models

Most of the model daily workouts heavily involve cardio like running, kickboxing…but also sports like Pilates!

The aim of many models is to focus on toning, and avoid putting on too much muscles.

Simple thing to remember

A simple thing to remember is that for models it ’s important to train with resistance it creates longer and leaner muscles, this involves making higher repetitions with lighter weights, lot of exercices for models are made only using natural bodyweight exercises.

On the other hand using heavy weights will create a thicker and fuller look.

Choose well your exercices, increase your body awareness and wonder if you’re improving the right parts of your body when working out.

Some models focus on their core and glutes, so they make sure that for example their thighs, will not be overworked and appear bigger.

You can take your measurements and take pictures to track your body evolution precisely.

Healthy lifestyle and regularity

Having a healthy lifestyle is about taking small habits, will do a more detailed article about that subject but  the secret is certainly regularity.

As a matter of fact you can’t always have a perfect healthy lifestyle you go out with some friends, meals with your family, you have unforeseen things as everyone but the thing is to go back to your habits as soon as you can and restore balance.

Include more time in your schedule to work out even a little bit but regularly and remain aware if it brings you enough results or not.

You can also discover yourself a passion for a sport which is really helpfull or you can focus on easy things to do like running, jump rope or exercises you can do using small equipments.

Those are exercices you can do everywhere so it’s easier when you are travelling a lot as a model.

Be patient and steady

It’s possible that you don’t see the results yet quickly but these physical changes require time so don’t get discouraged and keep on with your workout routine it takes sometimes many months before your body is really ready to modele it depends on a lot of things and what you have to improve.

You can get more inspiration and motivation by following Dogpound, it is a training center where some supermodels get their body in shape, they train for example some girls for the Victoria Secret Show.  


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