How to Combine your Studies and your Career as a Model?


This is the case for a lot of teenage models, and your agency will take into account that you are at school and adapt your modelling schedule accordingly.

Make sure to always let your agency know your schedule and availability, such as dates of school exams and when you are in town or not.

If you are just starting out as a model, you may not be as busy with your modelling work, but in this fast-paced industry, there are many possibilities, and twists of fates may occur.

Each situation is different.

Being a model and a student

At first it may seem complicated to combine both of these things, but it depends on the frequency of your bookings and if you have a complicated schedule at school.

What you need to remember is to keep being organised.

If you plan your school, homework and exam schedules well, everything can be possible.

A crucial point is to pay attention to a healthy lifestyle – it’s even more important when you are both a student and a model.

Be careful to get enough time to sleep, have a good diet, put time aside to take care of yourself and to exercise to stay in shape.

Learn to relax and do things one step at a time.

If you organise yourself, everything else can be managed.

Use the time you have wisely.

For example, get some study or homework done during your daily commute or any free time you have at school.

Get any chores you may have out of the way as quickly as you can, so you minimise any pressure on your time.

Aim to maximise the quality of your time, both when you are working and when you are juggling your school and homework load.

Quality time happens when you have managed your schedule efficiently, and can focus on the task at hand, whether you are working or studying.

And, when you take a break – because everyone needs a break sometimes! – you can do it because you’ve got all the other stuff out of the way, and you can chill without feeling guilty or under pressure.

It’s important to relax, and knowing you deserve a break because you have got everything under control is the best way to do it!

Models often travel

It’s true that a modelling career may require staying abroad for a few months to launch your career, to fill your portfolio with great shots, and test different markets.

Some models do it on their summer holidays.

But if a huge opportunity comes up in your modelling career, you might even consider taking a break in your studies for a year or so.

It’s not unusual, and many models have done it. But you are the only one who must decide what’s best for you, because the flipside is that a modeling career can be very short.

No one can ever be absolutely sure of these things.

If clients ask for you to go abroad, you might enjoy the chance you have been given to discover more of the world.

Another possibility is to enroll in a school abroad, where you can learn other languages and immerse yourself in another culture while you pursue your modelling career.

Of course, some jobs abroad may not require a long trip away – you can be gone for just a few days too!

Think about the future

Your modeling career can last a few months, a year or up to 10 years or more.

It depends on a lot of things.

As long as it is not a guaranteed career, you should always think about your future, and plan to do something else in case it doesn’t work out, or if you decide that it isn’t really for you.

Trust your agency

Your agency will always respect your decisions concerning your studies, but if they advise you about a huge opportunity, consider what they have to say.

They are professionals in this area, and they know exactly how a modeling career can be built.

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