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It’s this time of the year again, the new year has just begun, it’s February and the city is arctic and plagued by gusts of polar wind.

Naturally the human response to this hostile environment is to hibernate and hide away inside.

But this is not the case if you are part of the fashion world.

No matter how high the snow piles up In front of you downtown Chinatown apartment, you better borrow that shovel from Mr. Chow to dig your way out of misery and off you stride on the road to glamour and fame.

Because fashion does not care for winter sleep or more precisely any of your sleep.

And you better get used to carrying these bags under your eyes.

At least they are Chanel or Prada or whoever is sleep depriving you this season :p

So here I am trudging through the snow, trying to look as put together as I can manage to at subzero degrees.

In my UGGs and heavy duty winter coat, equipped with gloves, scarf, beanie and sunglasses I however feel more like the Hoth Wampa out of Star Wars.

Fashionable and gracious is certainly NOT the terms I use when I reluctantly describe my street style to one of the occasional street style photographers who is looming outside the front of the Marc Jacobs headquarters.

He has spotted me and the more I refuse to get my picture taken by him, the more he is convinced that it is either Gigi or Kendall, safely wrapped up in this snow shell.

So I Identify myself and after a couple of style questions I’m off the hook.

Great – back to incognito and peace!

I wonder whether I should start a trend and wear my snow goggles out next time, to dare or not to dare this fashion indiscretion?

I‘ll put the question off to reconsideration for tomorrow morning.

Let’s see if the sun will be out again In this New York rollercoaster weather.

Up the elevator I take my regular everyday spot on the floor, long legs folded up, amongst the horde of other pretty faces.

Everybody is waiting for the casting director to call them over to put on the usual black slip dress, hoping to draw some special attention to maybe skip the line.

I get out my stilettos and peel off my layers of comfort.

Ready for my best walk off ever YES!!!

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