What is Scoutmeee?

Scoutmeee is an international scouting agency:
We enable girls from anywhere to reach the modelling world easily! 
Fill in your profile on our webapp and that’s it!

It works with all smartphones, computers and tablets.

The App

Scoutmeee is available for all smartphones

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Meet our Scoutmeee Girls

Who's Who?

Carine Caillieret

Co-founder and COO.
Carine has been in the fashion industry for over 25 years; she worked as a model herself for 10 years before moving on to create her own agency in Brussels, IMM Bruxelles.

WTB Agency

WTB is in charge of strategy, digital marketing and design for Scoutmeee. WTB works with companies and organisations of all sizes to help them improve technically, aesthetically and economically their digital presence.

Kris Gottschalk

Co-founder and Community Girl.
Kris is also a model, she's been in the business since she's 14. Working between New York and Europe, she is always on the go, from shoot to casting, so you can be sure she knows a lot about the industry.

Michael Maucaulay

Co-founder and Tech guy.
Michael used to work as a developer on a wide range of projects for big companies and startups. He builds reliable, fast and user-friendly softwares and apps.

Models' Tips & Stories

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